2016 Product Highlights

Aceite Campo De Calatrava
Stand No. K28
Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced, processed and bottled in La Finca Los Palacios (Almagro, Ciudad Real).

It is obtained solely from early Picual olives, hand -picked olives in early November.

We produce our EVOO exclusively from our own olives.
Alka Plus Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L32
The first 100% organic natural spring alkaline water in Thailand. Natural pH value up to pH 8.99 with essential minerals for body replenishment. HeY! 100% organic natural alkaline water is essential for helping our body to maintain pH balance for better health.

Almex System Technology Asia Sdn Bhd
Stand No. F38
ALMEX has the No. 1 share in Interactive Kiosk in Japan, which supplies comprehensive operational solution systems to diverse hospitality fields including hotels and F&B. Our standard products are: Automated Front Desk System: Check In-Out & Payment KIOSK, Table Top Ordering System, POS System, Waiting System, Ticket Vending machine.
American-European Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K22
Elle & Vire is a leading French brand.Our products are developed with the help of professional chefs to ensure they meet the performance expectations of both pastry and kitchen chefs.
Arctika (2006) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B39
Lacor is cookware made in Spain by 18/10 stainless steel body offer excellent resistance to rust, food acid and salts, and allows for perfect pouring. Provided with a sandwish, heat-diffusing bottom and encapsulated bottom for gas, electric, vitroceramic and induction hobs.

Sanelli is Professional Knive. (Made In Italy)
Arrow Apparel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E15
Arrow Apparel Company Limited

We have been serving individuals, groups, companies, offices, hospitality, hotel, restaurant, entertainment centers, and many other businesses with unique custom apparel for more than 50 years. We manufacture and sell uniforms for wholesale & retail.
AT Success Marketing Co., Ltd. (California Milk)
Stand No. J9
Crystal Ice Cream is made in California's heartland using fresh California milk that is rBSTfree and the highest quality ingredients. Our cows are treated well with good conditions make the cow happier to produce great quality and flavor of milk for GREAT FLAVOR ice cream.
Athena Tableware HK Ltd
Stand No. D1
Athena Enamel Cast Iron Pans and Pots are designed to be thick and heavy so to enhance the characteristics of long heat-retention and even heat-spreading.
Bangkok Fine Foods Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M9
"Creamy soft and smooth cream cheese. Our cream Cheese has a natural flavor with low acidity, this make Our cream cheese very versatile to both savory and sweet menu. A recipe that we have use for more than 15 years. It has a smooth velvety texture perfect for bake cheese cake"
Bangkok Flour Mill Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M12
Wheat flour.
Bangkok Food System Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J31
Fresh and tasty Japanese vegetables can be a main driver of your restaurant business.
We have Spinach, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Tomato, etc.

Our products are imported via Airfreight & seafreight by CA container which can ensure customer that quality & taste of our products will be the same as products in Japan.
Bangkok Ranch Public Company Limited
Stand No. M1
BR Group is the pioneer in the duck meat industry in Thailand. We have been continuously developing to become a global integrated duck producer. We are part responsible for the successes of the Food Services, Restaurants and Catering in Thailand and the world, offering various international duck cuisines to valued customers.
Bara Stainless Work Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G19
Bara stainless Work Co., Ltd is considered as Asia's leading manufacturer of tableware for both flatware and hollowware in high quality stainless steel 18/10 from our own factory. We offer design, customized and after sale service. We have received the acceptance and trustfulness from worldwide high-end restaurants and luxury hotels.
Bayer Thai Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N15
The leader in providing innovation and solutions to pest problems because we cares deeply about keeping living and working space clean, safe and healthy.
Be Media Focus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. #
Food Focus Thailand is a trade magazine, distributed to Food&Beverage professionals in Thailand. We provide a unique niche of well-balanced coverage, including processing & packaging innovation, quality measurement in terms of physical, chemical, and microbiological basis, standards & regulations, logistics & supply chain management, as well as marketing issues.
Bodegas Ontanon
Stand No. K27
Fresh and floral CLARETE wine.
Brighton College Bangkok
Stand No. EE12
Brighton College is the UK's top independent school educating both boys and girls, and will open the third of its international schools in Bangkok in September 2016. Brighton College Bangkok supports pupils to achieve the very highest level of academic excellence whilst also promoting a balanced life in school.
Caffe Chicco d'Oro (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K42
Central Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F32
V-R7000, Retail business terminals equipped with 15.6 inch widescreen LCD .The touch panel screen can be operated even with wet hands and is suitable for use at restaurant and other businesses where water used. These terminals support a wide range of retail operations, from small shops to chain stores.
Chaitip Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H21
Panomrung is the rice delivery service brand that provides a turnkey service.

It's a new concept that controls quality of the entire products, from production to consumption.

Consistent rice quality is the heart of Panomrung brand.
Chang Awards (1959) Limited
Stand No. H24
  • Rambutan in Syrup
  • Lychee in Syrup
  • Longan in Syrup
  • Sweet Corn
Chue Chin Hua Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A5
"Crocodile" cooking pots are well-designed for the most convenience, safety and durable. It can be assured that our premium products will not harm to consumers and suitable for food containing and cooking.
Coffee Group Asia Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L27
GR Pack from Italy is the leading European manufacturer of professional and full automatic capsule filling systems for any kind of capsule. Besides the capsule filling systems we also represent Europe's largest manufacturer of (compostable) capsules and sealing foils.
Coffee Solutions Ltd.
Stand No. H37
Coffee Solutions Limited is a sale and service specialist. Dedicated to deliver excellence products, services and solutions to all your professional need. Our well trained team of technicians can deliver excellence maintenance and repair services for coffee machines and wine related professional equipment.
Comanche International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G21
COMANCHE is an Information Technology (IT) Solution Company specializing in providing total solution for hotels, serviced apartment.

Comanche can fulfills all hotel requirements by offering total solution for hotels to our customers. Starting from Front Office System, Point of Sales System, Back Office System, Interface System, Mobility, Business Intelligence Solutions.
Comptoir Francais Du Vin Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M13
Comptoir Francais du Vin is a fast growing wine importer, merchant and distributor, based in Bangna, Bangkok. We have over 10 years experience in the Thai market. This is supplemented by the long established wine operations of our Principals who are headquartered in Bordeaux, France.
CP-Meiji Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L37
Meiji Barista Milk.

Abosolutely meet the need of customers in Barista.
  1. Whipping easily and generating the amount of foam more than general pasteurized milk.
  2. Smooth foam texture and well-organized. Every barista can do.
Aromatic, tasty and keep the quality of coffee which suit with every cup of coffee both in hot and cold.
CRG Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J42
Like&Share get ice-cream free at Booth FEZT Ice cream No.H28
Cyberpos Systems Limited
Stand No. F28
Specification \ Model FP2500-i3FR


  • 15 inch True Flat Touch Screen With Streamline
  • Die Casting Back Cover
  • Durable Touch Solution
  • Water Proof (Front)
  • Removable HDD
CPU / System Intel-Core i3-4330 Processor,
SYSTEM Dual Core 2.40 GHz Processor, fan less Design
Daiseiko (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N21
Pasteuriser 77 is a sterile alcohol spray for food, help prevention of Mold in Baked goods cake Bakery and all fruits such as strawberry, berries, including prevent microbial contamination on fresh serve food such as Sushi, Sashimi which cause diarrhea to customer. Directly spray it on any kinds of foods and on kitchenware, slso hand sanitizer.
Dapper General Apparel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D15
The leading supplier of work uniforms. We design, create and deliver a wide range of unique uniform designs that enhance your brand identity.
Darling Mattress Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F11
Darling Deluxe, Thailand's Leading Manufacturer of Genuine World Renowned "Pocket Spring" - from Swiss Technology for Forefront Hospitality Industry

Key to Undisturbed Sleep - Our Back Support Care System™ is super supportive to individually react to the body's weight and contour, offering the ultimate in luxury accommodation for your exclusive guests.
Dongguan City Glory Tins Manufactory Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M15
This is a Tin Box packing for dry food, such as cookies, coffee, tea, and confectionery. It will also be you best packing way for promotion gift, with most competitive price and excellent quality. Hope to be your packing solution. Thanks
Easyfo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E42
EASYFO is the Hotel Software in Thailand, which has more than 650 customers in Thailand and Neighbor country such as Cambodia Lao Vietnam and Myanmar. We stand in Hotel Business with quality and trustful from our customer almost 16 years under concept of EASY IS SIMPLE, SIMPLE IS THE BEST.
Eat, and Energize the East
Stand No. K12
SANRIKU's unique Rias coast and its nutritiously rich environment are the home of Oyster and Wakame also known as Sea Vegetables. Japanese fishermen's craftsmanship guarantees their Oyster and Wakame are the highest quality, safe, and tasty. The world will meet with SANRIKU.
Ebisu Foods Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L19
Ebisu Foods Co., Ltd. provides Japanese ingredients and raw materials including frozen seafoods, wagyu, beef, lamb, ready-to-eat foods, sauces and kitchenware.
Efay Ltd
Stand No. B25
Efay provide practical and fun pieces for food and beverage industry.
Efay provide professional Buffet display solution.
Ek-chai Distribution System Co., Ltd.
Stand No. EE1
Tesco Finest is Tesco's premium range of private label products. The range features a wide variety of products including tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolates, dry pasta, sauces, condiments, as well as frozen food. Tesco Finest products are available at select Tesco Lotus stores in Thailand.
Eton Standard Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E11
  • If quantity above 30 pcs, can be add the door and cover above the laundry bag.
  • Special Top divider, you can add the height and add the cover.
Eurochef Thailand
Stand No. E28
Designed by professionals for professionals

Even Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F27
The DASH T3 is designed with mobility and portability in mind. It allows the display to be rotated in either landscape or portait mode to meet your application's requirement.

It provides easy mobility with its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and integrated card and barcode readers.
FB Food Service Ltd.
Stand No. K32
Some of the main reasons for selecting U.S. Beef from FB Foodservice:
  • Tender, juicy and flavorful due to the attentive rearing techniques and corn feeding.
  • Rich in Protein, Vitamin B2, Iron& Zinc.
  • Premium Cutting Process.
Fieco Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D31
More than a machine, Mister Art is a laboratory of ideas! With Carpigiani's unique dispensing pistol, it is fast and easy to produce great gelato on a stick or even filling in cakes. This innovative machine produces either gelato or any trendy treats that attract demanding customers.
Fine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H6
Fujiyama toothbrush -
Enjoy living cheerful day everyday - Fujiyama for him/her for such a feeling.

POSY Baby Toothbrush series -
These toothbrushes series are made for 0-6 age growing children For kids can have fun to brush their tooth.
Foods Classic Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J28
We bring many products to this exhibition such as Atlantic salmon, Hamachi, Scallop, Hotate, Engawa, Uni and many more in this exhibition.
Fujimak (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C11
Our leading edge technology, developed through decades of experience in the food service industry, will help you attain the highest level of quality.
Fukushima International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A10
Fukushima Fridge
Chiller / Freezer Center pillarless
Upright type and Table type
"Easy for use it more
Because there is not center pillar"
Full Land (H.K) Ltd.
Stand No. L15
This is machine made paper bag that contains long kraft fibers. The bag is environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable . It is finished with serrated top and handle comes in either Flat Folded or Twisted paper handles.
GFL Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. L35
Hydrogen water has the effect on over 20 types the disease and symptoms.
Global Synergy Management Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D10
The ClementDesign new collection line of HYBRID WEAR consists of a mix and match of different fabrics to create a unique clothing: a perfect mix of a polyester / cotton wrap and weft, combined with the highly technical comfort of a mesh.
Globalinens Worldwide Inc
Stand No. G20
Globalinens Worldwide Inc. has been offering world class quality and elegantly designed linens to hotels, resorts and hospitals in the Philippines for over 10 years now. Our products include pillows, bed sheets, bed pads, duvet fillers, towels, bath mat, curtains, tables cloths and other hotel linens.
Golden Nine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A7
KitchenAid introduced our first standmixers 97 years ago and performance appliances
Golden nine company the authorized distributor 10 years ago imported KitchenAid distribute to Department Store and the dealers Thailand
Grand Berryl (M) Sdn Bhd
Stand No. K41
Authentic PENANG VICTORIA STREET WAREHOUSE WHITE COFFEE made from a proprietary blend of Arabica and Robusta bean. It is best & is highly recommended because of the unique aromatics & smooth white coffee taste.
Great Earth International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H31
Great Earth International Company Limited, brings our customers finest products from renowned producers from around the world as Lavazza Italian Coffee, Coffee Machines & accessories, Gryphon Tea, Vedrenne French Syrups, Spiegulau Glassware, EuroCave Wine Cabinet and Cellar Management System, Great Earth Academy and etc.
Great System (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G42
"Great Lock" Brand ,In the future, we will show a network locking system which can feedback room to control every door status. This system We believe it can satisfy hotel users further.
Guangdong Be-Tech Security Systems Ltd
Stand No. F22
Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID is especially designed for hotel outdoor use. Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID offers the latest and reliable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with reasonable price solution to go contactless for your hotel. Be-Tech GUARDIAN RFID offers the most flexible solution for future All-in-one card applications.
HAFELE (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. G37
Dialock is flexible and versatile in the hotel for guest room doors, hotel entrances, elevators, garage gates can be operated with ease with a single key.
The key can also be interfaced with the booking system for use in the restaurant, the parking and the spa. Electronic and simple.
Happy Move Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N13
Special caster-Stainless steel SUS304
  • load capacity 35-450 kg.
  • Anti Rust
  • for cold storage
  • damp-proof well.
Hayabusa Giken Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H9
The Swimsuit Water Extractor(HAYABUSA) has been taking an almost exclusive share in the Japanese market for its high performance, in fitness clubs, luxury hotels, leisure facilities, etc. The high performance of water extraction is attained in about 10 seconds.
Hotel & Home Innovation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F1
Professional Hotel Supples Your Demand Is Our Pleasurs.
Housewares 2000 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B25
We are Thailand's leading manufacturer and designer of houseware items under the brand “MYE”, established in year 1998 under the promotion of Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). Our customer bases are major retailers and department stores. Apart from our brand products, we also offer OEM and ODM bases.
IMEX Corporation Ltd.
Stand No. J14
Auto hand drip machine: 2 Groups per one machine can be set each different hot water temperature and operation.
Incheon Economy information technopark
Stand No. J13
Crisp laver, Natural seasoning, Furikake with sea food, Crab natural seasoning, Crab and Kelp natural seasoning pack
ISM Food Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K10
Cacao Rich
  • 100% Selected from the major cocoa growing regions of the world of west Africa and Indonesia.
  • Hygienically processed
  • Flavorful
  • Brilliant color
  • Available in standard color, suitable for a cup of home brewed cocoa or dark brown color for bakery and ice cream.
Italasia Electro Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G1
It has been over 60 years registered company in Thailand market. Italasia Group Company Limited has extended the service line to make product availability possible for hotel & restaurant industry which has placed trust and loyalty on our expertise divided into Italasia Electro Company Limited and Italasia Trading (Thailand) Company Limited.
Itokei Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H3
Do you know such a useful and convenient baking molds!?
ITOKEI offers many kind of several baking molds (made of plastic, paper mold or Silicone) with various designs of your request. We proudly give you a great situation for your new food lifestyle.
Please visit our booth.
Italasia Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. K37
Francis! Francis! X2.2
2 groups IperEspresso Coffee Machine
J & P Jasco Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B11
  • Keep ice up to 5 days
  • Capacity: 50 liters (52.83 quarts)
  • Two-way heavy duty Nylon rope handles
  • Durable Nylon belted pad locks and measuring scale on lid
  • Easily portable with durable wheels
  • Rust-proof, leak-resistant channels with water draining valves on both sides.
J.B.U. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J48
  • Instant hot beverages (3 in 1, chocolate drinks, cappuccino)
  • Soups, sauces, Desserts, ice creams, Bakery
Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D19
Jaspal Home, we with over 25 years of long standing experience, are the foremost in business to supply wide range of bedding and home linen products such as mattress, foundation, bed- bath linen and fiberfill products through its iconic brand representations of Sealy and Santas Home - Hotel Luxury.
Jiamphattana Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L1
Cepa Gavilan Crianza 2012
Variety: Tempranillo 100%
Ageing: 12 months in oak barrels.
Type of barrel: American and French oak.
Bottling date: January 2014
Hand picked
Consumption: next 6-8 years
Service temperature: 15-16 °C.
Production per hectare: 4500 kg.
Age of the vines: 10-15 years
Alcohol: 14% Vol.
Jiangsu Canasin Weaving Co., Ltd
Stand No. F19
Jiangsu Canasin is a biggest manufacturer in china specialize in hotel textiles.

Our mainly products is hotel towels, linens, bathrobes, bathrobes, slippers.

At present, we are the approved supplier of many high star hotel group, like Sheraton, Marriot, IHG, Fairmont.
Jiangsu Mengfeisi Weaving Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. E48
Product Name: Towel
Material: 100% cotton
Size: can be produced according to the client request
Color: any color is ok
Weight: from 400gsm to 650gsm all ok
Style: Plain no logo, Embossed logo, Embroidery logo and printed logo.
Used range: For hotel, home or promotion or Sports etc.
K2 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L41
The VA358 White Eagle is a new Victoria Arduino machine that has a great design and high technology. Interestingly, it combines advanced technologies, for instance, T3 technology, Easy Cream system allows the milk to be heated and frothed up to your preferences.
Kagoshima Meat Export Federation
Stand No. G21
Kagoshima is Japan's top production region for Japanese Black Cattle, and KAGOSHIMA WAGYU is one of the signature breeds. The main characteristic of Kagoshima Wagyu beef is its heavy marbling. The beef seems to melt in your mouth, Spreading rich, mellow flavor. Please come to our booth and try some.
Kannegiesser South-East-Asia Limited
Stand No. B1
FoldMaster Compact
Special Features:
Maintenance-free and wear less flat belt drive. For easy access all drive and control components are located inside the side frames. The special strength of the FoldMaster Compact is its reliable high performance and high availability.
Kasamapun Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J38
A'Cuppa Personal Drip Coffee is a single-serve hand brewing method with convenience and portability. A perfect cup of coffee that can easily just grab, go and enjoy the gourmet coffee...anytime...anywhere. Each package contains a mug-perching filter packed of freshly ground Arabica ready-to-brew coffee from the highland of Thailand.
Katevanich Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K18
Super Premium Coconut Oil best for cooking, baking and frying. This product is easier to digest, not readily stored as fat. It is high in natural saturated fats which helps increase healthy cholesterol in your body and convert LDL "bad" cholesterol to good.
KEITH & KYM Concept Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. G11
The Modular Line is our Dynamic Built-In Modular System (DBMS), a technology patented by La Tavola.

DBMS, Clever simple mobile frame that allows you to incorporate any of 55 functions for warming, cooling and ambient temperature display into any one of our tables.
Kingsford (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E21
The new Country Garden collection features a wide variety of furniture-sun loungers, dining and living sets-in different finishes that are specially suited for the demands of the hospitality industry. Email info@suniture.com for more information on this latest collection.
Kiwi and Kom-Kom Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D39
Kiwi brand and Kom-Kom brand. Our knives are multipurpose kitchen knives. We promote the right selection of kitchen knife that is suitable for every occasion usage in order to create wonderful menus for sharing the happiness and healthiness with your beloved and family members.
Koedooder Trolleys Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F20
At Koedooder Trolleys we design and manufacture high quality trolleys for hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Our unique design may vary from modern to classical upon customers request and all is made in our factory in Lamphun, Thailand. WE LET THINGS ROLL!
Kokoro Sato Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Stand No. N11
Sato Oshibori
Thailand's first and only oshibori supplier
  • made from extra thick, high quality, elegantly woven 100% cotton.
  • Environmentally-friendly support equipments and procedures.
  • Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified
  • Thoroughly sterilized means no risk of contamination from staphylococcus aureus.
KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D40
Clean Oil Clean Food
Kusar International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F21
The Angel Light leads the market by utilising the excited and gorgeousness of natural stone, blending it perfectly with various visible spectrum of lights. This has registered the Angel Light in an ultimate exotic style.
Laundry Tech & Consultant Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A1
Laundry System.
M.K. Unigroup Corporation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C32
The MIWE Backcombi brings the best of both worlds in baking in one. It provides combining two oven systems in minimum space with sleek design for exceptional baking variety and very high sophistication. Whereas MIWE Condo delivers baking results like in a large industrial deck baking oven in compact size.
Maruzen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C37
Top series of Maruzen fryer of fully reaching Good Taste, cost and workability.
  • Oil temperature control without missing the good taste.
  • Good taste is kept by reducing the oxidation of oil.
  • Oil temperature rises quickly even in case of frozen food.
  • Fulfilling Safety System.
  • Design that is easy for clean and working.
Maruzen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L31
Combining aromatic scents and great taste deriving from the delicate processes using UV Controlled environment. The leaves are then rolled and finally steamed which produce the exact same quality and taste an in Japan. This particular technique has passed down from generations for over 100 years.
Marvice (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F50
MARVICE PAGING SYSTEMS was designed to help cafe, restaurant, food service, etc. to manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctly.
Masterkool International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N18
The Innovation Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler for any small open areas, easy to move, various sizes, superior by MULTIPLE INLET technology.
Material World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F42
Material World Co., Ltd.
Hospitality Supporter
Tel: 02-501-6300
Mita Beverage Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M5
Dilution for the fruit syrup
WhitePeach with Grated Peach

for...How to use is various
  • Cocktail base
  • Soft drink
  • Dessert
  • shaved ice
  • cake
Mitr Phol Sugar Corp., Ltd.
Stand No. K38
Premium flavored syrups to enhance your drinking experience and bring your beverage to life!

10 flavors of Mitté syrup to create unlimited drinks!
Mitté Vanilla, Mitté Caramel, Mitté Hazelnut
Mitté Blue, Mitté Strawberry, Mitté Lychee, Mitté Blueberry, Mitté Japanese Melon, Mitté Tropical Punch, Mitté Mango
N2ICE Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C27
Our selected N2ICE products reflect your experience in many different approaches to ice cream making.
Newton Food Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B21
The eikon e2s is the first choice for anyone who wants to prepare fresh, hot food on demand where space is at a premium.

e2s is the ideal way to cook, toast grill, bake and regenerate a wide range of fresh or frozen foods, such as sandwiches, pizzas, fish and meat.
Ngam Bedding Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D28
100% cotton
mixture of cotton and polyester
Nittai Tsusho Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L26
Our frozen half-shell raw oysters have many advantages as below;
  1. Premium quality oysters caught in Harima-nada Sea in Japan
  2. Safe to eat as raw oysters after defrosted
  3. Never shrink even after heated
  4. Long shelf-life (1 year in a freezer at minus 18 degree Celsius)
  5. Easy handling and fast cooking
Noodle King Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M12
  • Noodle
  • Wonton
  • Fried Noodle
NTS Mart Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A41
Guarantee lowest online price of over 20,000 products for commercial foodservice equipment and utensils, tableware and buffetware, guestroom & lobby supplies, cleaning equipment, furniture and outdoor supplies for restaurants, hotels, schools, factories and hospitals. Our services include professional consultation, commercial kitchen design, installation and after sales & spare part services
NUC Electronics Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J11
Our commercial Whole Slow Juicer was launched in 2015. It is innovative and only one Whole slow juicer in the categories with heavy duty (24 hrs working without rest and biggest feeding tube - 3.5")
Pacer Grow Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J38
Oneglass is a quality Italian wine comes in a 100% Single Serve with innovative in packaging: lightweight, unbreakable and pocket-size.

Good wine, every time, and everywhere
Patra Porcelain Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B19
PATRA brings quality and skilled craftsmanship to bone china as it launches its introductory western and oriental bone china lines. The melding of bone and porcelain with function, shape and design for offerings that define the art of table setting. Graceful elegance for the world's best hotels, restaurants, and homes.
PCS Security and Facility Services Limited
Stand No. GG10
Total Facilities Management, Cleaning Services, Security Personnel & Systems, Office Administrative Services, Gardening Services, Inventory & Audit Services, Catering Services, Mechanical & Electrical Services, Washroom Hygiene Services, Pest Management
Peerapat Technology Public Company Limited
Stand No. E1
Peerapat by PP Energy proudly presents PP Solar Hybrid, Energy Saving Hot Water Generator. Combining innovative technology of Solar System and Heat Pump to generate hot water and save the costs of electricity power over 70% plus free cool air. Please visit our booth for more of your benefits.
PPN Seafood Wishing Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. L26
The main objective is to provide best quality of seafood products to its customers.
The company is specialized in live, fresh, and frozen seafood product; therefore, the customers can be assured that they are receiving the freshest, cleanest, and the most hygienic seafood at reasonable price.
Primaham (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L16
Premium product Japanese style. Our quality has been awarded a Gold Medal at the DLG.
Professional Hi-Tech Supplies Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. G36
That Make The Difference
Strengthen Your Brand Image
Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand) PCL
Stand No. BB1
Alternative way to add value to your savings, with an opportunity to get dividends 6-year premium payment; Receiving cash-back fast.
Starting from the first policy year
Easy to apply -- simply answer 2 short health questions
PTN Gourmet Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M7
Frozen fresh and processed seafood, ready to cook appetizer menu and many more solutions for your kitchen.
Qualitat (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J27
Automatic Vending Coffee machine
Drinks supply 3 and 5 kinds of beverages,
3in1 powder espresso cappuchino choco
quick cafe coffee
RCH Asia Limited
Stand No. H38

A|BOX 3 is the new RCH 80mm printer Android solution.
A 10", 16:9 touch panel display optimizes graphics and functionality.
Its compact, space-saving design makes A|BOX 3 a winning all-in-one solution.

Reefer Express Ltd
Stand No. G48
Thai Reefer TITAN JV offers rental & sale of ArcticStores portable cold storage. Standard features include easy opening 70/30 split doors with internal release, built-in lock & padded lock compatible, flat floor, LED lights, trapped alarm, sliding curtain, aluminium ramp access. Low power consumption refrigeration unit, -40c to +30c. http://thaireefer.co.th/en/arcticsuperstore/
Regents International School Pattaya
Stand No. EE14
A leading member of a family of 42 premium international schools around the world - Regents has grown into one of the most sought-after schools in South East Asia. We are the distinct alternative for parents who are seeking a boarding school or day school.
Royal Porcelain Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E9
Royal Porcelain's products are made to stringent quality and safety standards suitable for the consumers and free of any environmental concerns. The company received approval from the United States Foods and Drugs Administration in meeting with its rigid international standards and safety systems related particularly to lead and cadmium release.
Sagittarius Life Science Corp.
Stand No. H36
Fresh from the field to the bottle 100% natural & organic made from 100% freshly squeezed juice, not re-diluted concentrate. Certified by bio.inspecta AG, Bio Suisse, FSSC 22000, ISO & Awarded by DLG in 2014.
Sanyo S.M.I. (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C22
Panasonic Commercial Equipment Systems is an engineering company handling Panasonic group's industrial cooling and heating equipment, and is engaged in sales, design and providing construction services for customers.
Scanproducts Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E16
Scent Pur Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd
Stand No. G38
We are Washroom Hygiene products manufacturing company from Malaysai. All our products has obtained The Industrial Design Certification. All our Air Freshener products use fragrances import from UK. We have export our products to more than 30 countries.
Scientific Innovation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G31
ADEL, A6 Hotel RFID card lock, with American standard mortise, unique design with titanium black finishing, double lock notification function, 9V external power supply socket for emergency, support mechanical key and low voltage alarm. Optional finishing: Stainless steel, polished chrome, Powder coating black or brown for outdoor use.
Sea-tech Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H27
"Shrimp Shumai" we've select a high quality of shrimp to serve you with our secret recipe. When you taste our shumai, the flavour and texture of shrimp will surely surprise and satisfy you. With the high quality of product and process, we assure you with our premium shumai.
Shandong Siwei Textile Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A34
We are a professional manufacturer in F&B Textile more than 10 years and more experiences to cooperation with 5 Star Hotel, can provide Customized Product to our client's request. We can provide all different products for the High-end Hotel
Siam Canadian Gourmet Limited
Stand No. K15
Our 'Club Gourmet' brand offers unique, stylish and delicious frozen bakery items imported from Italy and Belgium. We aim to provide the food industry with a range of premium quality dessert to both food service and retail sectors.
Siam Tin Food Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H16
Ready-to-cook curry sauce with full aroma of fresh herbs & spices. All recipes bring authentic taste of Thai. Sauces come in variety of Thai curries including red curry, green curry, panaeng, massaman, yellow curry, and etc. Perfect solution for food services which are looking for quality products.
Simmons Bedding & Furniture (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D9
Simmons, The World's Leading Premium Mattress Brand, more than 145 years heritage. A leader in technological innovations such as Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil®, non-flip mattresses and e-ION CrystalTM technology. Simmons is the preferred mattress brand amongst renowned hoteliers like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Shangri-la Hotels, IHG and Starwood Group.
Sleepwell Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C19
DREAMMASTER European Luxury Beds

DreamMaster is a leading manufacturer of luxurious Pocket-Spring beds for hotels and serviced apartments in Europe and around the world.

DreamMaster beds are custom-made to the specifications and needs of each client using technology developed by Spühl, Switzerland.
Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D11
Pocket Coil Pillow Top provides a sumptuously soft support and an extra protection from dust mites, one of the main causes of allergies, with anti-dust mite cover fabric, with pocket spring support system and one side pillow top layer for extra comfort.
SpotOn Interactive Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N17
SYNZE is an advance digital signage management, the smart system that helps reduce the complication of place-based campaign management. With the user-friendly interface, SYNZE breaks down all usage difficulties and brings your customers to the next stage of engagement, stay connected anytime, anywhere.
St. Stephen's International School
Stand No. EE11
At St. Stephen's we believe in educating students not simply to be survivors in a competitive world but to become good leaders of their communities. Students will be equipped with wide ranging knowledge and skills, with the ability to apply these as they keep abreast of ever changing technological advancements.
Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) PCL
Stand No. GG1
Retail Banking Products
  • Deposits
  • Credit Card
  • Personal Loan
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Investment Services
  • Insurance
STK Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F9
STK KITCHENWARE are imported products for hotel-supplies business. We supply high quality products fully required for Kitchen equipments and Utensils such as, Buffet Equipment, Bakery, Bar Equipment, Flatware, Kitchenware, Cookware, Table Top, Hotel supply article etc.
StreamWash Sales Service Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D27
HOT Products Dishwasher Machine by StreamWash.
Sun Lee Foods Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. L21
"SUNLEE - Bring the best of Asia to the World".
We produce and export premium various corn products, Sweet Corn, Corn on the cob & Cream Corn. With GMP/ HACCP/ ISO9001:2008/ GAP/ OU Kosher/ HALAL, We export to over 30 countries, especially in Japan, USA, and Europe.
Surapon Foods Public Company Limited
Stand No. L11
Thailand Leading Frozen Foods Manufacturer.
Synature Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F31
Android Ordering System

To improve service efficiency, pRoMiSe System for Restaurant provides you Android Mobile/Tablet Ordering system for your staffs to take orders, and Android Tablet Self-Ordering system for your customers to place orders by themselves.

pRoMiSe Queuing and Pre-Ordering System
Tack & Co., Inc.
Stand No. H5
A solvent-based sealer for natural stone, marble, and granite. It contains almost 100% of special inorganic silicone, therefore it improves durability and resistance ability. It also allows moisture vapor transmission.

After being coated, the hardness will reach Mohs hardness scale of "7", which provides high scratch resistance.
Tajimaya (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. J5
Premium kobe wine beef & wagyu guarantee with good quality from Japan.
THA Sales & Interservice Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L27
Catunambu, Spanish Premium Coffee! Top quality coffee since 1897, more than 10 origins in every blend to guarantee a perfect balanced and stable coffee to please every coffee lover, each cup again. Please come over to our stand to taste a delicious cup of Catunambu coffee!
Thai-Nichi Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H15
"Testy Healthy Rice Snack Leader"
The best selected glutinous rice and freshest ingredient are of course mixed in traditional recipes with high technology production at our factory.
Thaipolymer Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F49
Thai Polymer Supply Co., Ltd. is a distributor of TACONIC heat resistant conveyor belts And importer of Teflon coated glass fabric, heat resistant from -73 up to 260 degrees, chemical resistant Non slip surface and high tension material for repair of conveyor belts.
Tokyo SME Support Center
Stand No. H1-H2

Tokyo SME Support Center is a public-interest corporation established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan and supporting SMEs in Tokyo through following services.

  1. Hans-on support for Developing Global Sales Channels
  2. Business Matching with foreign companies
  3. One-Stop Consultation for Global Business.
The photo: Traditional Edo-kiriko glassware
TPN Group (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. B27
PRM6/WD6, Wexiodisk. The PRM Pre-rinse machine for hood type dishwashing machines significantly reduces the total running cost by replacing manual pre-rinsing by reusing the over flow warm water from the dishwashing hood type into PRM machine. Together with the automatic hood lift helps reduction in labor cost, perfect result.
Triumph Motorcycles (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. DD9
Thruxton 900, Thruxton R, Street Twin, Tiger 800 XCA, Street Triple Rx
U Say Systems Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F37
U Say provides a simple and intuitive digital Voice of Customer (VoC) platform. Beautiful and easy to set up while the backend offers powerful analytics to help manage and understand the data collected. Guests can provide feedback via a business’ tablet or with a URL entered on their own device.
URAI. Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H7
Kinsai Yuzen has a history of 500 years. Its wonderfulness can be seen to the fusuma paintings and ornaments of national treasures such as Nijo Castle, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. We have developed a new furnishing by taking advantage of the technology.
US Meat Export Federation
Stand No. K11
Established in 1976, The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is actively involved in identifying and developing overseas markets for American beef, veal, lamb, pork and variety meat products, through trade shows, seminars, literatures and promotional activities; and direct contact meetings between buyers and sellers.
Vasetec Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N12
Best Technology To The Future
VJ Supplies Euronations Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L35
Professional ovens for cooking professionals.
Wasara Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H4
WASARA is elegant yet sustainable, compostable tableware

Underlying the spirit of WASARA is the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and values.

WASARA is made from 100% renewable, tree-free materials, specifically, bamboo and bagasse (a by-product of the sugar refining process), and totally compostable.
Winterhalter (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C21
Winterhalter ValueLine - German origin, Asian at heart. The hood-type P50 delivers excellent cleaning result quickly and effectively. It is easy to operate and users can trust in its level of efficiency, hygiene and reliability makes it extremely attractive as an economical and practical solution for the growing warewashing needs.
Yamadai Food Corporation
Stand No. M3
"HOURENSOU no GOMA AE", spinach and carrot dressed with sesame sauce, is a traditional Japanese side dish. Our products are already cooked and frozen, so that you only have to defrost it before serving.
Yamasa Chikuwa Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N23
Yamasa Chikuwa Co.,Ltd is a Japanese marine food products company established in 1827.
Chikuwa is a traditional Japanese food shaped like a 12cm tube, which is made from ground fish meat seasoned, wrapped around a bamboo spit and cooked.
Zojirushi SE Asia Corporation Ltd.
Stand No. D1

Zojirushi AY-AE25 (Beverage Dispenser)

  • Capacity 2.5 liters.
  • Detachable serving base.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Taller serving base also available.