Product Highlights

3V Engineering Solutions Company Limited
Stand No. K15
EAC help businesses keep the pollutants they generate in check so that employees have a better and healthier working environment as well as ensuring that neighbors are not inconvenienced with bad air around them and can be easily configured and incorporated into various types of exhaust system of business.
Advanced Research Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E37
Our property management system, HotSoft 8, consists of fully-integrated modules and provides features that support all kinds of businesses, from hostels to hotel chains. You only pay for the functions you need.
Aiya (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. T19
Our products are authentic Japanese Matcha which are cultivated and manufactured by the traditional methods. Therefore, we believe this is a big appeal point for consumers to mesmerize consumers.

Also, we have established Bangkok office in 2017 and can support customers not only in Thailand but also other SEA countries.
AK & J Textile Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D19
With over 30 years of experience in the textile manufacturing for HOTELS, we always support our customer with "The Best Quality" and wide range of product such as "Bed linen, Towel, Duvet and Pillow."
Akanemaru Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P2
Japanese made beans paste of soda pop flavor.
Akatsuki Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P10
Foreign currency exchange machine allows foreign travelers, returned travelers, or foreign workers to exchange their foreign currency to local currency. It achieves over 99% of identification rate (the highest level of this industry), corresponding to 120 currencies.
Almex System Technology Asia Sdn Bhd
Stand No. F28
Japan No.1 Kiosk for Hotel Self-Check In & Out. ASTA’s HQ- Almex establishes for more than 50 years, expert in providing IT solutions to Hospitality business operation. For F&B, we have self-ordering solution for E-menu, Kitchen Display System, Self-Ordering Kiosk & POS.
Anand Systems Inc
Stand No. F36
ASI FrontDesk - Comprehensive Property Management System (PMS). Our Hotel Software which is Affordable, Dynamic and Easy-to-Use. With 5000+ Clients in 169 Countries Worldwide. 24/7 Technical Support Available.
Anko Food Machine Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L31
Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine
Annapolis Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. N27
LongBeach Syrup -
Koicha premium Tea -
Kawami Tea -
Anna’s Bakeryand Beverage Ingredient -
AQUMO Holdings Inc.
Stand No. H15
This is a long-lasting type of botanical interior decoration.
Dried flowers and/or preserved flowers are soaked in a bottle filled special oil developed by our company.
Asia Engineering Pac Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N12
  • To Cut Meat without bone or Soft Fruit with some fiber. Ex. Pineapple /Mango /Jelly.
  • User can adjust the speed of Cylinder to got different length of product from 2~30mm.
  • Working Temp. for meat is -2~4℃
Asia Europe Trade Co sa
Stand No. S27
MILLESIME Chocolates is a concept from Best Grand Crus Classés Wines adapted to unique special Cocoa Beans.

A bean-to-bar manufacturer oversees the chocolate production chain, from sourcing the beans to making the actual bars.

MILLESIME Chocolates are for Passionate Chocolate Lovers and Connoisseurs.

Made in Belgium.
Athena Tableware HK Limited
Stand No. D1
Inspired by Asian Culinary, Athena Marble Bowls are perfect for presenting fusion fine food.

The gifted natural pattern varies from one to others, creating irresistible uniqueness to table art.
Backaldrin Jordan Ltd
Stand No. P35
At Backaldrin, we believe in the importance of service, so we provide you with the solutions you need in the baking world every day. Beyond our high-quality products, as a Backaldrin customer, you have a range of services at your disposal.
Bangkok Ranch Public Company Limited
Stand No. T1
"Dalee Duck Tsukune"

Duck Meat Ball made with premium quality duck meat cooked in Japanese style.
Perfect for a finger food to a main dish in every occasion.
Bangkok Telecommunications IT & OA
Stand No. H27
Panasonic Hotel solution provides seamless communication with easy operation for the users. With built-in PMS interface, the customer can maximize the usage of telecommunication system at ease as Panasonic PBX also supports world class PMS software.
Bara Stainless Work Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D20
Bara Stainless Work Co.,Ltd. is leading manufacturer of cutlery and hollowware for major clients in Europe, America and Asia. The Skilled workforce is well trained in high standard mirror polishing, sandblasting, satin finishing and hammering. We has our own in house design team that design product according to customer's requirement.
Be Media Focus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. #
Food Focus Thailand is a trade magazine, distributed to Food&Beverage professionals in Thailand. We provide a unique niche of well-balanced coverage, including processing & packaging innovation, quality measurement in terms of physical, chemical, and microbiological basis, standards & regulations, logistics & supply chain management, as well as marketing issues.
BellaTW Trading Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P36
The only appointed roaster for WCE Taiwan roasting championship in 2017-2019.
EVO-4S Professionally Upgrade
  • Instant flame turbo
  • Inventive digital negative pressure
  • Innovated design panel
  • Intelligent safely device.
Caviar Giaveri
Stand No. S7

The experience of tasting the unique flavour of Beluga caviar, exalting your sight with eggs of big size it is among the most exclusive and delicious gastronomic refinements.
Chaitip Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P22
Panomrung is the rice delivery service brand that provides a turnkey service.

It’s a new concept that controls quality of the entire products, from production to consumption.

Consistent rice quality is the heart of Panomrung brand.
Coffee Group Asia Pte Ltd
Stand No. P27
Besides of the exclusive distribution in Thailand of Catunambu, Spanish Premium Coffee since 1897, we also offer (franchise) coffee concepts like roasting- and distribution partner programs. Our coffee concepts are supported with a perfect range of coffee machines including 5 year warranty! Looking forward welcoming you at stand P27.
CoffeeWORKS Limited
Stand No. P31
SYNESSO is now available in Thailand exclusively at CoffeeWORKS!
Comanche International Public Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G21
COMANCHE INTERNATIONAL PLC. is an Information Technology Company that specializes in providing Truly Seamless System Integration Solutions for the hospitality industry. Comanche’s fulfills hoteliers’ requirements with its full range of feature rich modules including Front office, Point of Sale, Back office, Interface systems, Mobility, Business Intelligence Solutions and more.
Comptoir Francais Du Vin Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T13
Select which one is your favorite types of wine to bring to a special moment.
Consorzio Di Tutela Vini "D.O.P. Salice Salentino" e "Salento IGP"
Stand No. S2
Association of wine producers, bottlers and winegrowers for the protection and promotion of autochthonous grapes in the territories of the Italian provinces of Lecce and Brindisi. Production of 190 thousands tons of grapes, 140 hectoliters of wine.
CP-Meiji Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P37
CP-Meiji Co., Ltd. is leader for pasteurized milk in Japan, Singapore and Thailand. Manufacturing and Distribution 100% pure fresh milk. Which are meticulously selected form nature. Together with modern Japan quality standard technology by products are retaining their nutritious benefits quality with Fresh, rich and delicious taste.
Crave Asia Sdn Bhd
Stand No. C27
Dine4D by CRAVE is the first 360° immersive dining experience with full interactive table. A truly magical experience with entire ambience that will be changed according to every dish served.

Elevate your business to the next level today with Dine4D for your distinguished guests and VIPs.
Creative Food Solutions Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P28
Convenient Frozen Handcraft Cakes that simplified your operation.
CTI Food Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. R9
We have a nation wide experienced sales team to provide you with solutions, advice and the latest special offers in Meat, Processed Food, Cheese, Seafood, Sauce, Fruits, Japanese product
Dapper General Apparel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D10
Lee Denim look long sleeves chef jacket has a modern design and is comfortable to wear. Our denim look fabric is light and last longer after many washes. Quick release press buttons are easy for chef to wear and take off.
Darling Mattress Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F11
Darling Mattress, Thailand’s Leading Manufacturer of Genuine World Renowned “Pocket Spring” from Swiss Technology for Forefront Hospitality Industry.

Our designed Barrel Pocketed Coil Spring (BPS) of lightweight high-tensile strength steel, individually encased in tear-resistant pockets, contours to the applied weight, offering ultimate experiences and maximum comfort for hotel prestige guests.
Doi Chaang Franchise Management Co., Ltd.
Stand No. N28
Doi Chaang Coffee Original Co., Ltd. Producer and distributor of Doi Chaang Coffee, specialty, single origin, high quality Arabica coffee. Doi Chaang Coffee is only grown and produced in Baan Doi Chang, Wawee district, Mae Suai, Chiang Rai.
Dongguan City Glory Tins Manufactory Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q5
High quality packaging tin boxes, which are applied for chocolate, candies, cookies, gift, cosmetics, tea, households, etc.
DZ Wine (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. R6
New vintage of Chateau de Potiron wines are available now and launching at Food and Hotel Thailand 2018 with the very special price. Please visit us at booth R-6 for tasting.
Easyfo Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H28
EASYFO is a Hotel Software Company in Thailand, established in 1998 by a group of hotelier and programmer who is willing to find an alternative choice to support hotel operation EASYFO has cover for all hotel operation System with full modules.
E-Garde Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H4
One touch wearing
It is possible to combine printing / color / chip freely
IC: Mifare1K / MifareUL / FeliCaLite-S / Tag-it / IcodeSLIx
Ebisu Foods Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q21
Mussel from New Zealand.
  • Taste - Extremely fresh, all natural, no additives
  • Prep - 2 mins, serve chilled or prep like live
  • Shells cleaned and graded – uniform small size
  • Our mussels are sustainably farmed in the pristine waters of the top of New Zealand’s South Island.
Euro-Asia Electrostatic Precipitator Technology Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F38
Euro Asia technology EAN Series Electrostatic Precipitators use induced electrostatic charge to charge and collect passing particles which provides effective containment of dust, oil, grease and smoke in a kitchen exhaust system. The units made of solid construction and heavy-duty collection plates that deliver consistent performance at upto 99% efficiency.
FB Food Service (2017) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P10
FB Food service uses modern technology. The system meets international standards.
Fieco Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L11
Counter top batch freezer for gelato and sorbets
Model: LABO8/12E
Carpigiani Professional countertop batch freezer, ideal for catering, hotel and restaurants.
Easy to operate with control switch to start the production, for extraction, cleaning and stop.
Automatic control of the gelato consistency.
One piece beater with three blades.
Insulating door with safety.
Food Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L27
Vegetable Cutter – GSM FIVE
Drawing cut for optimal nutrient retention and cut products that stay fresher for longer.
Technical Innovation for foodstuff hygiene which meets the highest demands
Simple handling for optimum user comfort and easy cleaning
Quality Swiss product as your guarantee for innovation, precision, durability and reliability
Foshan Shunde Yingshunao Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M15
AOPA hot pot induction cooktop & Korean BBQ grill table.
Fujimak (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L1
Boiling, frying, deep-frying...
Now all possible in just
A single appliance

By Fujimak Vario Cooking Center
Fukushima International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K22
  • Commercial Refrigerator
  • New Models Released!
  • Improve your energy saving tremendously
  • with Large-capacity and easy to maintain
Global Food Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q19
Premium and top quality traditional pastry - frozen tarts and cakes from France.
Great System (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E32
Great System (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Hotel door lock system /Digital door lock / Energy saving system and accessory for hotel. Great Lock, is the Ranked 1 in 3 most used digital door lock, best-known in the hotel door lock system.
Greenlatex Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B9
ALICE Natural Latex mattress design to support your body with 7" of compressed latex top with 2" of 7 zones natural latex to give you appropriate body support. Also prevent you from dust, mites and bacteria which will cause you an allergy.
Gruppo Industriale Filicori Zecchini Spa
Stand No. S9
High quality coffee in beans, capsules and ground.
Guangdong Be-Tech Security Systems Limited
Stand No. G32
Be-Tech VISION II RFID series is the latest electronic locks that use simple, fashionable and comfortable design.

Be-Tech VISION II RFID series is especially designed for the modern and fashionable hotels with the desire of make sure the lock perfectly blends into the fashionable hotel environment.
Guestline Ltd
Stand No. F31
Rezlynx Property Management System (PMS)

Fully configurable PMS that enables any sized hotel/group to manage their operations efficiently.

Cloud based, provides a single system with interfaces to OTAs, GDS, and third party systems.

Real-time updates, incorporating a comprehensive rate/availability management tool it ensures revenue is maximised at every opportunity.
Haetter Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T3
"Hansamin" Korean Red Ginseng extract is concentrated active constituent from six-year-old red ginseng. Korean red ginseng is a popular Aphrodisiac, because it specifically helps bodily stamina and blood flow. Enjoy the best gift for your health from Korean red ginseng!
Hafele (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. F27
Dialock RFID Access Management Solutions.
Hanamaruki Foods Inc.
Stand No. S15
"Shio koji" is a Japanese fermented condiment, mainly used as a marinade. "Shio Koji" contains active enzymes which soften meat and bring out UMAMI or flavor in the other ingredients.
Happy Move Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G5
Many kind of Hand trucks : reduce noise hand truck, Maid trolley, Janitor Trolley, stainless steel material Structure grade304:Damp-proof,Anti rust, Stackable & Connectable dolly, Aluminum dolly, Ladder, shelf, many kind of caster wheels : Rubber, Polyurethane, Nylon, Heavy duty for all kinds of industry such as Food industry for cold storage commercial kitchen & Food service equipment, Industrial & factory food.
Hayabusa Giken Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H14
A high-grade water extractor exclusively used for swimsuit. Extract most of water from a wet swimsuit in about 5 seconds. Face towels, T-shirts are also available. Main customers are fitness club, hotel, leisure pool, public swimming pool. Share in Japan: 99% Total deliveries 10,000 units.
Hilding Anders (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. C19
WE MAKE THE WORLD'S BEST HOTEL BEDS. Slumberland Hotel Beds Collection is made with combination of luxurious design and outstanding sleep comfort. We are one of the most reputable brands of institutional bedding products, using the exclusive technology and expertise developed over the years..
Hobart (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M21
HOBART Thailand and Indochina office has been established with Warehouse and the Spare Parts Center in objectives to support distribution network throughout the region of Thailand and CLMV Countries which consist of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam upon economic expansion and commit in quality genuine profession as stated “HOBART proudly supporter you” always.
Housewares 2000 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C11
Housewares 2000 Co., Ltd. and our production, produces quality housewares items from sustainable wood source.
Huaian Huaxia Towel Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E28
HUAIAN HUAXIA TOWEL CO.,LTD is a manufacturer and trader of hotel linen, including towels, bathrobes, bedding linen and F&B linen.
Huaian Liqun Import & Export Trade Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. E37
Huaian Liqun Weaving Co., Ltd established in 2007, is a manufacturer and trader of hotel linen, including towels, bathrobes, bedding linen and F&B linen.
Idea Cube Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C9
Claire LED Pillar candle is a real-candle-light effect LED candle. It is non-distinguishable from real candle light. It's beauty and at the same time 100% safety for your hotel and restaurant. Material is from authentic wax and using battery-operated LED candles, so it can be conveniently placed without wiring.
Inter Homecare Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F15

We unite all of the great ceramic around the world for your unique experience in any ceramic flooring and bathroom products.
Italasia Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G1
Let the aroma decide:
SENSA -enjoying wine can be that easy. SENSA takes the complexity out of modern wine enjoyment because every glass shape fits exactly one aroma or wine style. Each glass has particular characteristics in a typical aroma range, regardless of whether you are serving red wine, white wine or rosé.
J&P Jasco Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B1
Through countless years of experience on Food Service Equipment, we can assure customers that we are capable of providing best price, high quality products ranging from small wares, table top, bar supplies, bakeware, buffet wares to cookware.
Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B11
Through our iconic brand of Sealy Posturepedic and Santas Home, we are recognized as a hotel luxury standard for upscale hospitality sector.

Our comprehensive in-house R&D facility assures world standards and constant innovation enables us to produce and deliver an expansive range of bedding, bed-bath linen, fiber fill products and accessories.
Johnson Health Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F9
Matrix CXP Target training cycle

Refined ergonomics, superior comfort, streamlined serviceability and all -original programming with a led wrap that uses vibrant colors to precisely gauge effort and keep guests on track for their goals.
JTB Pte Ltd
Stand No. E16
Blades are made in JAPAN !!
This razor has 3 blade & neck pivoting system !!
This is the first time to launch to the hotel industry in INODENESIA !!
K.H.T. Central Supply Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C1
Commercial and Industrial Laundry Equipment for all laundry's need. New on board is Coin operated washers and dryers with attractive pricing.
K2 Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q31
The Professional Efficiency Espresso Machine 2G with integrated rotative pump, copper boiler, electric heating, volumetric dosing, thermosyphon system with adjustable flow control, boiler temperature controlled by PID system, heating element protection and display for easy to use. You can choose your style with special customize color in FHT2018 only.
Kagoshima Seicha Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T20
This is ceremonial glade Matcha in JAPAN. Our products all grown Kagoshima JAPAN. We have 4 kinds Matcha First-class, Premium, Standard, Economy.
If you need more informations, please contact to us.
Keith & Kym Concept Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G11
Bfooding is high-end food service products, specialising in disposable items and packaging. We leverage our resources in China to provide quality. The diversity of materials we use allows us to meet various kinds of inquiries. Our products can be made up of Polylactic Acid (PLA), bamboo, wood, and sugarcane fiber.
Kiosqueto Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E31
‘KIOSQUE’ is the leading brand and specialize in Restaurant Management Software. We have more than 600 customers in Thailand and Oversea. Our products are Restaurant / Fast Food / Android Ordering /Member System, Head Office System, Inventory Control and Cost Management System.

Contact : 662-9646040
Kiwi & Kom-Kom Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J28
Our knives are multipurpose kitchen knives. We promote the right selection of kitchen knife that is suitable for every occasion usage in order to create wonderful menus for sharing the happiness and healthiness with your beloved and family members.
Koedooder Trolleys Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E20
This year we proudly present new line of mobile cooking station to surprise your guest with romantic dinner on the terrace sunset.
Kondo Honey Factory Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P6
Japan is such a beautiful country.

People can enjoy the nature and see various kinds of flowers for four seasons. This product is made by blending honey harvested from these flowers. We carefully blend these so as to optimize their tastes and aromas.
KPB International Marketing Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K21
VITO oil filter system can be used to save the cost of frying oil for up to 50%. It made from Germany and easy to use, save time and save oil. We are VITO THAILAND
Kunshan Nabo Container Technology Co. Ltd.
Stand No. E25
Product Code: NB90-400
Product Name: 12 oz PET Cup
Capacity: 400ml
Weight: 11g
(customized according to customer needs)
Uppwe Diameter: 90mm
Bottom Diameter: 56mm
Height: 108mm
Features: High Transparency, Rigid Wall
Packing: 2rows * 50cups = 1000 / box
Kusar International Co., Ltd.
Stand No. E19
The Exotic AngelLight:Exo-10, LED Rechargeable Table Lamp, is the latest development with unique design in combining the beauty of the natural Stone and the modern look of stainless steel. Excellent object for fine dining table, roof top outlet or at the lobby.
Lernith Inter Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D9
Lernith Inter is an exclusive distributor of Groupe GM. A leading international player in the guest amenity industry for 40 years in over 70 countries. We design, produce and distribute cosmetics and accessories for hospitality industry. Groupe GM offers more than 30 recognised international brands and unique customisation for hoteliers.
Maruzen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. L32
MARUZEN "GAS FRYER" Excellent thermal efficienvy and Economy MARUZEN’S No.1 hit Equipment !
Marvice (Thai) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A11
MARVICE PAGING SYSTEMS was designed to help cafe, restaurant, food service, etc. to manage incoming customers efficiently and distinctly.
Material World Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M1
RUBBERMAID THAILAND by MATERIAL WORLD CO., LTD. With our long-standing experience in Logistics and Warehouse Solution, so we have been award from Rubbermaid Commercial Products(RCP) to be the main distribution center to pass on its quality products in Cleaning & Material Equipment, Decorative Refuse, Food Services, Safety and Washroom Products.
Mediator Co., Ltd.
Stand No. S8
Beni-imo Powder, made from 100% okinawa sweet potato. It is famous in Japan as super-food material. With its delicious extremely sweet taste and intense purple color, it can be used for any cakes, bread, pastries, ice cream.
Midori Anzen (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A1
Slip Resistance Shoes - Suit for Oily & Watery Floor - Light Weight - Comfortable - Authentic Japanese Brand - No.1 Best Seller for Food Industry in Japan.
Minor Lifestyle Limited
Stand No. M28
Today products by ZWILLING J.A. Henckels are recognized globally as the symbol for the highest possible quality and function. Our mission is pure and simple. We aim to bring high quality coffee and tea solutions and household accessories to everyone with your values and great designs at affordable prices
MSE (Thailand) Limited
Stand No. J27
Odours can be hard to eliminate Even in a well ventilated room it may be difficult to remove nuisance odours. With OZ 1000 & OZ 2000 form JIMCO A/S you can permantly solve any kind of odour problems without using chemicals.The odour will not return.
N2ICE Co., Ltd
Stand No. L22
N2ICE Co., Ltd is an importer of ice cream machines, Soft Ice Cream Machine, Ice cream equipment and bakery equipment also accessories for the opening of ice cream and bakery shops, Provide also professional ice cream course. We have 10 Years' experience in ice cream business.
NeoN Group Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H19
NeoScent is part of the NeoN Group and is the leader in scent branding and ambient scenting in Thailand and South East Asia. NeoScent is able to provide a complete scenting service from designing a scent to compliment the location through to successful installation and regular monthly service.
Newton Food Equipment Co., Ltd.
Stand No. J1
CARPIGIANI 161 G SP, The only compact, self-pasteurizing soft gelato machine in the word.

Compact : Now even cafes, restaurants, pastry shops, and gelato soft shops with limited space can delight customers with an excellent gelato or a delicious frozen yogurt.
Ngam Bedding Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A7
  • Gardenia. Your Bedtime Pleasure
  • Bedding, Towels, Accessories
  • Premium Cotton Materials 100%
  • Specially Wholesale Only FHT2018
Nineteen lntertrade Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K16
Thai wooden manufacturer with over 20 years experience in producing premium quality kitchenware and tableware. We specialize in OEM with low MOQ for the Horeca industry and have worked with major Hotels and restaurants in South East Asia. We provide laser engraving services for clients requirements.
Nuvo Living Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B19
Our company manufactures and distributes mattresses and bedding for hotel, condominiums, resort and apartment. We have other products such as a base of the bed, napkins, bed sheets, Duvet, pillow and towel
OK Nakornpathom Food Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T4
Frozen Fruits and Vegetables. WE can OEM any FROZEN Tropical fruits and vegetables as customer's request.
Orapi Applied
Stand No. A5
REBOUND - Automatic Dishwasher Detergent
  • Economic dishwashing detergent formula
  • Degrease all dishes, glasses and cutleries
  • Washes away residue and provides an amazing shine
  • Easily remove the toughest stains
  • Designed for professional dishwashing machine
  • Halal approval
  • Food contact certificate
  • Pack size: 5L / 25L
Osaka Gyokuroen Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P4
"Green tea 150g"

Made from Uji-Maccha leaves. Since this product is not a Maccha extract but fully made from Maccha tea itself, it allows you to intake tea’s nutrients entirely.
Osaka International Business Promotion Center (IBPC)
Stand No. P1-P6
We are an entity supporting Osaka's SMEs for their foreign expansion. On this occasion we take 6 food related companies to Thailand. All of them are highly qualified and authorized for quality of products and services. Please come to visit our pavilion! (Hall 102 booth no. P1-P6)
Outriger Corporation
Stand No. M16
NEW KOREA Ice Maker with smile shaped cube

A concise internal design and structure that facilitates ventilation
Premium Ice Maker optimized for Café, Coffee shop, Restaurant and Hotel with sensational space creation

Capacity: 60kg/120kg Day
Shape of Ice: Cube with smile logo
Black & White color
Cooling type: Air/Water
P J Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A10
Latest Technology !

State of the art design.
Cost effective.
Pacer Grow Co., Ltd.
Stand No. S39
One glass is a quality Italian wine comes in a 100% Single Serve with innovative in packaging: lightweight, unbreakable and pocket-size.
Park Cuisine Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. S29
We supply a wide range of freshly-baked or frozen FRENCH BREAD, VIENNOISERIE and PASTRY, handmade in our bakery kitchen in Bangkok, and the 'NEW ZEALAND NATURAL' range of premium ICE CREAM-SORBET-FROZEN YOGHURT, made in Auckland (NZ). Nationwide distribution with offices in Bangkok, Phuket, ChiangMai, KhonKaen to Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Supermarkets.
Passworks Japan Co., Ltd.
Stand No. G36
Compact desktop 'Ticket Vending Machine' useful for Food Court operation.
  • By combining with card system.
  • Fully Cashless operation is available.
PLT Imex Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F16
WASSTEX : The Hotel Wood Floor - Waterproof 100% & Anti-Termite Eco-Wood Floor. - Solved the problem of water damaged wood floor from customer or leakage. - Easy to renovate for Hotel & Service Apartment - Good for Long term Investment. - Anti Slip, Stronger than engineer floor with 10 Years Warranty.
Pluto Ice Cream Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P38
Italian Artisan Gelato and Ice Creams Products!
Qualitat (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q27
Model : CF316
Drinks Supply : 3 and 5 Kinds, of beverages, suach as lced milk tea, coffee, chocolate, hot instant powder drink and others raw material storage tank 3 and 5 tanks with capacity 1.6 kg.
Royal Porcelain Public Company Limited
Stand No. E11
"White Album"
The current trend of "Street Food" is making it’s way into menus in restaurants, hotels, bars and lounges.

White album, is a simple collection of shapes designed to give a modern touch to the "Kitchen to Table" trend and presentation of "Street Food".
Saha Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. J19
The tried and tested hybrid oven combination impingement and microwave technology makes baking, roasting and cooking up to 20 times faster. Perfect browning and crusting to produce an excellent taste.
Sahamingchaisiri Ltd., Part.
Stand No. K28
Oval hot plate with wooden base. Suitable for every hot dish menu. The plate made from Iron, so it could maintain hot temperature for long time.
SAL Corporation Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. T5
Here at Quescrem we are specialists in the production of authentic cream cheese.

We use unique ingredients ordering nutritional and functional values that set us apart from other producers on the market.

Our top quality products have also received IFS certification (International Featured Standards).
Scanproducts Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C10
Stelton Emma Electric Kettle
Scientific Innovation Co.,Ltd
Stand No. H21
As IoT became a hot topic nowadays,different wireless technologies that supports remote data transfer,control&sensing such as RFID, Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,and also cellular networks have been evolved to add intelligence at various levels in hotel,ADEL’s lock was an innovative wireless door lock technology to made the hotel management smarter and easilier.
Shandong Tianjiao Biotech Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q20
We are one of largest manufacturer for Non dairy creamer in China, we have HALAL, KOSHER, ISO, FDA, HACCP etc. Our production capacity around 5000tons per Month, and our goods have been exporting to more than 50 Countries.Our main goods are Non dairy creamer, MCT powder, Pudding powder, Foaming creamer, Whipping cream powder.
Shimono (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K19
The all-new Kuvings EVO820 Whole Slow Juicer is so easy to use. It comes with the new O shape flip gate feeder. The latest in cold press juicing technology that we have designed and invented. Watch this short 60 sec video to see the tech come to life.
Shunling Refrigeration Kitchenware Equipment Factory
Stand No. M32
High quality 12 inch meat slicer which is made of aluminum alloy and painted. Reasonable structure and fashionable design. It can be used to cut frozen meat, ham, sausage and cheese ect. Machine's power is 420W. CE, LFGB, ETL, ROHS certificates approval, which had been exported to many countries.
Siam Grace Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A4
The Eco Friendly Nano Cleaner derivated from Natural.
Siam Tin Food Products Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T12
Ready for cooking high quality Thai curry sauce to be used as soup base for hotel & catering service. Prepared for any skill level cooker to create menu by simply add meat and vegetable.
Simmons Bedding & Furniture (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. F21
With 148 years of heritage, Simmons is the forerunner in technological innovations, which include the Individual Pocketed Coils® with the Do-Not-Disturb® benefit. Prestigious hoteliers around the world select Simmons because they trust only the top name in sleep to provide premium rest to their discerning guests.
SKGF Trading (2002) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T22
BOH Earl Grey, a classic black tea blend with a hint of bergamot. Aromatic with a distinct citrus flavour, a truly refreshing tea. Since 1929, British pioneer J.A. Russell transformed a tract of land in Cameron Highlands into Malaysia’s first highland tea garden. A superb environment to produce distinctive teas.
Sky Food Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P5
Harmonized 24 kinds of Japanese domestic vegetables and fruit smoothies.

Harmonized 22 kinds of Japanese domestic vegetables, primarily young barley leaves, kale vegetable powder and 2 kinds of Japanese domestic fruits with dietary fiber, oligosaccharide and lactic acid bacteria. No colorant used.
Sleepwell Industries Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D21
Dream Heaven offers the ultimate mattress perfection and is a showcase of finest raw materials with 400 GSM knitted fabric designed in Belgium, Cool Gel Memory Foam, Latex, High Density Foam combined with Pocket Spring to give your guest the most luxurious sleep experience.
SM Retail Co., Ltd
Stand No. N38
Weihenstephan Brewery - after nearly a thousand years - still stands upon the Weihenstephan Hill, proud of its quality and its tradition and conscious of its position as the oldest existing brewery in the world!

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier.
World Beer Award: Germany - Gold, and many more.
Somphol Bedding and Mattress Industry Co., Ltd.
Stand No. D11
Springmate, the mattress of choice for luxury hotels and resorts, we helps guests sleep comfortably and undisturbed by each other's movements. Our mattress provides a sumptuously soft support and an extra protection from dust mites, one of the main causes of allergies, with anti-dust mite cover fabric.
Star Industrial Co Ltd
Stand No. B20
Industrial Container with Lid
Can be nested for storage. Has a built-in card slot for easy reference. Can be locked with your own lock. Container can also be secured with our disposable No. 1811 Security pin (Sold separately).Fits with our No. 1806T Trolley. Material Complies with FDA standards.
Sun Lee Foods Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. S19
SunLee's Jasmine Rice maintains at least 96% pure Jasmine Rice to total weight which is higher than the Industrial Standard of 92% purity call for a common standard for export or domestic used.
Taito City Office, Tokyo Metropolis
Stand No. J9
Second time in Thailand!
Famous ten companies in Ueno and Asakusa in Tokyo are exhibiting their products including the ones employed in Japan’s prestige shops.

They also introduce traditional crafts products utilizing traditional skills and techniques that have been cultivated in “SHITAMACHI” (where Ueno & Asakusa is).
Tastemaker Co., Ltd.
Stand No. Q16


  • Natural selected ingredients.
  • No Preservative.
  • Good taste.
Tecfrigo S.p.A.
Stand No. H38
A choice for every need. Wine, Ice-Cream, Meat and Pastry.

Excellent raw materials, all quality of Made in Italy and last technology news.
Tescom Denki Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H9
Vacuum Blender can keep the air pressure inside the bottle as low as the top of Mt.Everest (0.3 atm). Under vacuumed state with little oxygen, foods can keep freshness and original taste longer. Also introduce Collagen Ion Hair Dryer which can dry hair and protect moisture in hair and skin.
Thai Thermo Dynamics Co., Ltd.
Stand No. M37
TFB Boxes are made in Germany from EPP for use in the Hospitality; Food and Catering Industry ; Keep Food Cool, Fresh or Hot; Robust, durable, lightweight, hygienic and dishwasher proof and 100 % recyclable. EU Certified food grade with insulation attributes from - 40 to + 120 °C.
Thai Union Group PCL.
Stand No. P15
Qfresh Canadian Lobster Tails
The Commercial Company of Siam Limited
Stand No. S20
EUROFOOD, food solution for professional, who provides food ingredient products to the Thai Market such as Ayam brand, Divella, Alce Nero, Espuna, Negroni, Paysan Breton, Risao Gall, Andros, Bonne Maman, and etc.
Tokyo Sensen Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Stand No. B21
Laundry equipment from Japan. We'd like to propose "JAPAN QUALITY" washing to Thailand.
Tokyo SME Support Center
Stand No. H5
Tokyo SME Support Center provide you with meeting chances with 12+ Tokyo excellent companies at our pavilion where you will find various unique TOKYO products.

We welcome your visit to our pavilion at booth No.H1-16 in Hall103.

12 TOKYO excellent companies are ready to make business discussion during the period and onward.
TPN Group (Thailand) Ltd.
Stand No. K11
The very first time Josper Charcoal oven, the inventer and leader of Charcoal oven technology, exhibits at Food and Hotel Thailand 2018 with official partner TPN GROUP. Showing benefits and new possibilities the total cooking solution all in one unit.
TTD Co., Ltd.
Stand No. C21
Awning system with accessories for outdoor use with outdoor fabrics.
UB Corporation Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P1
"LAPOVO” is Green Smoothie for diet support.

Characteristics of this Smoothie is below.
  • Contain 188 types of plant enzymes.
  • Contain 21 types of superfoods recommended by the association.
  • Contain plenty of other active ingredients.
  • Tropical fruit mix flavor.
  • The calories is 32 kcal.
UCAN Co., Ltd.
Stand No. H2
Ultrasonic humidifier GREEN MISTER for open showcase in super market and salad bar in restaurant. It supplies ample mist to every corner of the showcase to keep the products freshness and reduces distress goods. Comes equipped with germicidal device to enhance the hygiene humidification.
UNOX Asia – Sunbeach
Stand No. K9
Controllable like your hand. Natural as your thoughts. Intelligent and connected. This is CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ PLUS by UNOX, the professional oven that breaks down every barrier between your ideas and their achievement. With one gesture.
US Meat Export Federation
Stand No. Q11
Visit USMEF booth Q11 to taste high quality U.S. beef & pork!
VC Fabric Co., Ltd.
Stand No. A14
VC Fabric is an expert in soft furnishing project since 1980. We promise to deliver the professional works by our 38 years of experience.

Our selected products for hospitality project are Flame Retardant curtain, Silicone Blackout curtain, Roman blind, roller blind and others essential items to enhance your hospitality.
Wadaman Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P3
Organic Black Sesame Paste

Incredible Rich Sesame Paste certified with JAS, EU, USDA organic. This is so rare kinds of sesame. Roasted by Japanese original tecnique and super high temperature until rich flavour and fragrant taste. After making paste with ceramic mill 3 times slowly. The rich flavour and smooth paste.
Wattana Company Limited
Stand No. A19
ADR acoustic door products are suitable for a wide range of applications from residences to professional studios. Whether it is household entrance or a music practice room.
Winsome Green Co., Ltd.
Stand No. P16
Our milk is pasteurized (ESL), with machinery and technology from Europe, therefore, our milk keeps fresh for longer periods of time.

Our milk is premium quality as we select only the top grade rather than mix different grades of milk and 100% pure milk with no additives.
Winterhalter (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K27
My New undercounter U50

The New U50 undercounter warewasher is built with highest German quality standards and designed with simplicity and practicality in mind, fitting the needs of professionals in search of affordable and effective warewashing solutions. Users can trust its level of efficiency, reliability and cleaning performance.
Wise Promotion (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Stand No. K1
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Environmental foaming agent and refrigerant
  • High efficient compressor and refrigeration, save energy
  • Maximized and convenient storage capacity
  • Self-closing and stay open door
Wongwat Limited Partnership
Stand No. A17
Wongwat Limited Partnership is a professional importer and supplier of hotel and hospitality products and amenities. We are able to manage product qualities and offer our customers the highest quality products.
World Of Food Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T11
WORLD OF FOOD Co., Ltd., importer and distributor of Quality, Sustainable and Economical foods, have great pleasure in introducing IRONGATE PREMIUM WAGYU BEEF.

IRONGATE produce exceptional quality and unique tasting Wagyu beef in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, known for it’s pure, lush and pristine environment.
Yangzhou Triumph Import&Export Trading Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. E27
Specialized supply Five-star hotels, supporting for custom logos, and rich suites to ensure high quality and comfortable enjoyment
Yokoi Vinegar Brewing Co.,Ltd.
Stand No. H11
Yokoi's edo-tannen-su is the cooking vinegar.
Youngpoong Co., Ltd.
Stand No. T17
  • YOPOKKI (Rice cake with sauce)
  • TTEOKGUK (Rice cake soup)
  • JEON (Korean pancake with vegetables)
Yummy House Limted Partnership
Stand No. T15
From the great epic to the legendary Craft Cider “Sida” the first unfiltered apple cider of Thailand. Served with Humanity passionate, Demon indulges.
Joined with more than 30 brands of Thai Craft Beers, along with Belgian beers from Haacht brewery.